Based on Adam Nevill's novel of the same name, No One Gets Out Alive was made for Netflix by Imaginarium and stars Cristina Rodlo, Marc Menchaca and David Figlioli.

[From Netflix] Desperate, and without documentation, a woman from Mexico moves into a rundown Cleveland boarding house. Then the unsettling cries and eerie visions begin. 

The film was released on Netflix on September 29th, 2021.

Director: Santiago Menghini.

Screenwriters: Jon Crocker and Fernanda Coppel.

Producers: Will Tennant and Jonathan Cavendish.

Executive Producers: Andy Serkis, David Bruckner, Philip Robertson, Adam Nevill, Jon Croker.


Based on Adam Nevill’s book of the same name, The Ritual was released to UK cinemas in October 2017 and is now streaming on Netflix (except in the UK, where it is available on DVD and VOD via ITunes, YouTube, Sky Store etc).

After the death of their friend, a group of old college friends embark on a hiking trip through an unnerving Scandinavian forest.

Starring Rafe Spall (The BFG, The Big Short), Robert James Collier (Downton Abbey), Arsher Ali (The Missing, Line of Duty) and Sam Troughton (Robin Hood) and directed by David Bruckner (V/H/S).

Director: David Bruckner

Screenwriter: Joe Barton

Jonathan Cavendish
Richard Holmes
Patricia Poienaru
Phil Robertson
Andy Serkis
Will Tennant


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! “The Ritual” on NETFLIX. Amazing and scary. With a beautiful creature designed by frequent collaborator Keith Thompson.

Guillermo del Toro

Efficient and highly effective in its style, relying on sound, creepy production design, and the men's own fear and misjudgment to create the sense of pervasive doom.

Los Angeles Times

Entertaining, engrossing and at times genuinely unnerving, Bruckner's bad trip is one for horror fans to relish.

Total Film

I was impressed by it, I liked it… I thought it was well done and I thought it was enthusiastically played.

Mark Kermode (speaking on the BBC)

The Ritual is a creepy, freaky slice of terror that knows exactly where it wants to put its audience and will effectively scare the pants off you.




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