I’m delighted to have seen my short story ‘Hippocampus’ put to music by the extremely talented and thoroughly decent Roger Rovento of Xelyruth, as part of the second Metal Chapters concept album: “Literature and metal music cross roads once again resulting in something phantasmagorical. Stories hidden inside song lyrics are written on paper, while authors’ short stories are imprinted on the musical stave. Marios Dimitriadis and George Damtsios contacted ten well-known metal bands and, after prior consultation with them, wrote short stories based on the lyrics of their favourite songs. Roger Rovento of Xelyruth respectively contacted five famous authors and composed music based on their short stories. The book includes fifteen short stories in total, as well as the lyrics that go with them, while the insert CD includes the five Xelyruth compositions.”

The English version of the CD and book is available here.

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