From artist Steve Sangapore's collection: Modern Icon.
"I recently created a sculpture that is currently on display for a gallery show in Boston titled "We Do Not Say its Name (Inspired by The Ritual)". The effigy sculpture was inspired by both The Ritual's book description and the movie's visual depiction.
My current series titled Modern Icon and the ideas it explores seemed to be the perfect direction for the creation of the sculpture. The effigy sits on an Eastern-style altar which rests upon a mirror. In front of the mirror lies a prayer rug. In keeping with one of the central aims of the series: to illustrate the modern person's preoccupation with the self, often at the expense of spirituality, the viewer is confronted with an image of themselves reflected back from the mirror when in the worshiping position."
Now kneel!


  • Thank you, Shea! Very kind of you to let me know.

    Adam Nevill
  • Powerful. Love the imagery and the message behind it.

    The ritual was such a punishingly cruel and wonderful read. Definitely a book that required a breather before picking up anything weightier than Cosmo.

    I’m a songwriter and cunning folk stayed with me long enough to get written into a few verses I wrote about a girlfriend who hated a hat I bought and proceeded to tell our children the hat was cursed and would turn me into a backward skipping monster who’s hunger would only be sated by eating their bones. No, its not a childrens song (funk, alt synth pop/rock).

    Adam inspires clearly!

    Thanks you for the many, many hours reading. You’re without question my favorite modern writer.

    Shea Shea

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