The second milestone I am going to mark is that of my own imprint, Ritual Limited, making it across the 5 year line in April 2021. In that time I’ve published 3 collections of my own short stories and one novel, each in 4 formats. There have been three free eBooks too + a T-shirt. There will be a new novel this year, making it 5 books in 5 years (not counting the free eBooks).

My reasons for starting it are too numerous to mention here but the imprint has become part of my profession and vision for my horror. It has also safeguarded my intention to write horror fiction, despite whatever is hot right now in mainstream publishing. And, to my eye, this a much fairer way of being compensated as an author.

The books are now selling foreign rights and one has a film option.

My main inspiration for the imprint came from the heavy metal indie record labels I have patronised from a young teen into adulthood.
All being well, there will be a lot more to come from Ritual Limited in the future.

Thanks to all who have supported the venture. I raise a horn of frothing ale to you! And here’s to the next 5 years.


  • Is there any way of getting a copy of “Cunning Folk” in Canada, other than through Amazon?

    Heather Rodrigues

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