Adding my own belated recognition of the passing of Peter Straub. I've been ill for a couple of days (for the first time since 2019 bizarrely), so when the news broke, I didn't manage to lower my black horror flag to half mast.
As a horror writer, it's particularly sad to consider that Straub, Blatty and Herbert have all left the field now. Pillars in the youthful reading of my generation.
A fabulous writer and his Houses Without Doors is one of the best collections I've read, across all genres. If the house was ablaze, I'd grab this on my way out the back door. I think A Dark Matter, his last novel, is particularly under appreciated too.
He was, simply, a great writer. One of the fields finest, whose books often took me a while to finish, because I'd continually pause to marvel at a sentence, turn of phrase, description, or insight.

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