I'll squeeze in one more recommendation. A horror-thriller that I watched last night: THE LODGE (2019). Recommended to me by my sister last weekend, and a film I'd been mulling over for a while now, while wasting time skipping between menus, paralysed with indecision about what to watch. So I am glad I hit PLAY after that underwhelming England performance (much like the Villa, you never know what you're gonna get).
The film suggests the standard horror-thriller but becomes more. It's an intriguing story from the 'Turn of the Screw' family tree, with a good true crime background. But it is the aesthetic of psychosis that really made me sit up straight. So many deft and disturbing touches. A claustrophobic crucible of the damaged damaging the damaged. The young actors were especially good too. Anyway, I dug it and watched it on Sky Cinema. For some reason it was listed as unavailable on Amazon Prime this week, but it has a placeholder so will drop.

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