Santiago, the director of NOGOA, speaks to Howard at Scream Magazine here. A lot is covered in 13 minutes too: the adaptation process of novel into screenplay, working with the author, casting and cast, the sets and FX ...
It was a genuine privilege to work with Santiago and always a great pleasure to hang out with him too.
As with The Ritual, one of the absolute highlights for me has been getting to know these intelligent and immensely talented directors, who are also incredibly warm people. What also surprised and delighted me was the interest each of them took in the source material. I'd assumed a director only had to focus on the screenplay, because that becomes the film, but not this pair. They knew the books back to front.
And my word, did they put a shift in. David up a mountain in Transylvania, Santiago across two countries during a global health crisis. Followed by a monumental post-production process for half a year.
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