Monday's NOGOA screening and party was one of those experiences for me in which being in "the now" wrestled continually with reflections on how I came to be on the roof terrace of Soho House with so many talented folks: the people who made this film.

Last year in itself was an actual horror film. The very world shuddered in fear, the reaper was everywhere. But somehow, against the monumental odds they faced, these folks made a fine film across two countries, observing the strictest Covid protocols, and then did post' in a third country.

My part was easy: I sat down for a year in a comfortable chair, with central heating, at home in 2013, when a pandemic was something that happened in fiction and history. A lot of meetings, zooms and a writer's room came years later but they were all enjoyable, rewarding experiences.

For what they have achieved, Imaginarum, Netflix, the cast, crew and post' have my undying respect, admiration and gratitude. Every last one of them.

I met Cristina for the first time on Monday, who to my eye has produced one of the best female leads in contemporary horror. She's a superb actor and after seeing her in 'Too Old to Die Young', I was so excited when I heard she'd taken the part.

    I also met many of the supporting cast but was often too busy yakking to remember to take pictures - I'm at an event like that and take about 8 pictures? FFS. But before I finished my first beer, I managed to remember to get pics with Moronke Akinola (Kinsi) & Vala Noren (the ghost Freja). Victoria Alcock (Mary, who I've seen in loads of things), Mitchell Mullen (factory boss) and Jose Palma (people trafficker) were also there from the cast.

    Below, I'm also standing with Todd and Nuno - world class FX maestros & magicians. Will, the producer is photobombing in the background, with Joe Barton, who wrote The Ritual screenplay.

    The final work of so many people is out of its stone crate and in the world.

    Do you believe in miracles? I do now.

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