Ya'll ready for this?

The film adaptation of my novel, No One Gets Out Alive, will stream on Netflix, 29th September. That's one week away. Apologies for the late post but I've been getting to grips with the new website!

But you can read about the production at Collider.

The director, Santiago Menghini, provided a short interview too:
"Director Santiago Menghini, who was tapped by The Imaginarium (the same production company behind another Netflix horror movie, The Ritual), revealed that he was "drawn to the dark and stark world Adam Nevill created in his novel," which led him to want to become involved in the screen adaptation. "I was drawn to the film because of the story's peculiar ominous feel and harsh depiction of the world," said Menghini. "The story had a distinctive tone that progressively closes in on its heroine and an uncanny mystery at its core that I knew I wanted to capture in the film. It was clear to me it was a film I would have great fun in making and one I had to make.""

And here's the trailer!
Unlike The Ritual, I was involved in this film too, as an executive producer.

You'll be seeing plenty of artwork for the film on your Netflix menu - and you can add the film to your 'My List' now.

Here is the artwork for Latin America.
A dream come true for this author. Watch it with me on the 29th!

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