With the exception of Costa Rica (they're mad for My Little Pony), No One Gets Out Alive is now the top Netflix film in every Latin American country. And it's still the #1 Netflix film worldwide.

A Romanian and British crew, Mexican lead actor, Brazilian/Argentinian/Canadian director, UK production company, British and American writers, cast from the US, Romania, UK, Sweden, Portugal, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico.

In such divisive times, it's good to see that the world came together to make a film that the world is now watching together.

In terms of territories and numbers of viewers, I can almost not comprehend it all.

[in 2013 a man sat at a dining room table and remembered his first night in a room in an old London pub, in 1999, in which a mouse climbed into a plastic bag hanging on the rear of the door, producing a noise that both woke him and came close to stopping his heart. True story and the first scene I wrote for this book. Another 600 pages then grew from it. I'm clearly dangerous!]



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