The third and final new item for 2023, is a companion piece to the "Black Metal Tee". We've added a long-sleeved Ritual Limited jersey, featuring our "Black Metal" logo.
I've been looking to find time, for years, to expand the "merch" and I found that time this autumn. Now, this jersey is in keeping with the ethos and aesthetic of Ritual Limited's original intention: to create a press for my work, with similarities to the indie heavy metal record labels that I so loved as a teenager (and still do at 54!). And the new jersey is soft but feels and looks "metal". That was important. As much as anything, for me, the new shirt is a bit of fun and levity, and such things should not be overlooked in these times of woe and uncertainty.
Available only at my website -
[Model, hat, glasses not included]

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