Some things refuse to stay buried ... like, fortunately, some of my books.

Last Days is 10 years old. A novel that has endured among horror readers, through word-of-mouth, since 2012. Never been out of print, and currently enjoying a revival, as an upsurge in new readers discover the hideous trinity of the Old Friends, Sister Katherine and the Unholy Swine. Little brings me as much satisfaction. Most books sink within a matter of weeks. A horror in itself. This one stayed afloat.

It took a lot of writing, an enormous research project, and suffered a terrible false start (probably my worst creative crisis to date). I had one year to write the book (the crisis occurred just before the middle of that period). I also needed to become familiar with guerilla filmmaking and notorious cults, whilst also freelancing as an editor ... with a baby in the house. I'm not sure how it was ever finished.

Writing the novel also incited several uncanny moments, in which I began to suspect that the story was suggesting itself to me via uncanny means. In short, I was a bit mad when I wrote it.

To all who have journeyed to Mayfair, Normandy and Arizona in search of the truth about The Temple of the Last Days, I manifest on your ceiling like Xrayed bones ... grinning with gratitude.

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