While I was working last week, the girls were building an effigy of a pagan god in the living room. And didn't they do well!

It's since occupied a chair and refuses to budge. I kneel before it nightly.

Soon it will be take its place in the porch and I anticipate fewer trick or treaters this year as a result of its presence (& doubt I'll need to break into the bags of carrots, sprouts or radishes). But those who are brave enough to come forward and request a bounty will all lower their eyes. None will dare to speak its name ...

[You'll never see the instructions for this design on "what do to with kids at half-term" websites, but the installation was constructed from the printer's carboard boxes that held the Cunning Folk hardbacks and palm fronds from our garden. Then finished with those sticky craft bandages and the left over wood-stain for the deck and shed. And, of course, it was made with devotion].

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