Something for the weekend. It's been a while since I've thrown out some TV & film recommendations but they've started stacking up.
For horror TV: I really enjoyed The Cabinet of Curiosities. Lots to like from the acting through FX, but the real strength to my eye was the writing. So many decent scripts in this series. Individual stories prevented the onset of "soap" too, which deflates most horror series.
My favourite story was 'The Viewing'. Followed by 'Pickman's Model', 'Dreams in the Witch House' and 'Lot 36'. There wasn't a Night Gaunt's tickle, though, between those and 'The Autopsy' and 'Graveyard Rats'. Only one I was indifferent to was 'The Outside'. (Netflix)
I enjoyed the vivid, stylish but utterly perverse 'Ratched'. (Netflix)
In film, I loved the hell out of 'Incantation'. It conjured a spiritual evil that is rare in horror, one unknowable yet seemingly plausible. I might have been a bit scared too - in my defence, it was dark, late, and a small plaster statue kept nudging its head against the conservatory. (Netflix).
Speak No Evil - In the same vein as two of Australia's finest, The Snowtown Murders & Killing Ground. Compelling but too disturbing to be entertaining (for me, but you sickos may differ). Not sure I could watch it again but nor will I forget it in a hurry. (Shudder)
Barbarian - saw this at the cinema, and as the sole member of the audience. Bizarre and audacious and tense. But, I will deduct points for it being too similar to a famous Catalan horror film. I also enjoyed Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin, because who could resist Amish horror? But I deduct the same points because it also copied the same Catalan film. The thinking: younger audiences won't have seen the original? (Paramount +)
I really enjoyed Hellraiser, and as someone who rewatched every Hellraiser film during the first lockdown, I suspect that many critics of the new film are remembering how the first one made them feel, rather than the quality of the first film. I admired the writing and directing, and how the mythos was treated. I was entertained until the final scene, which is fabulous. An equal favourite with the first two films. (Prime)
Sweetheart was a surprise find. A fun, monster oriented horror film, and I will always reserve a special place for someone in a good rubber monster suit chasing people. Yes, there is a fine line but this one stayed on the right side. (Prime).

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