As I'm flooding Halloween 2021 with new horror - new film + a new novel - here's a heads-up on the limited edition hardback of my new novel: CUNNING FOLK.
Because previous titles were selling out before publication date, we extended the print-run of this high-spec' hardback to 600 copies. Subscribers to the newsletter have already pre-ordered 400.
We haven't dared go higher on print-runs, nor have we published second editions, because of capacity (among everything else that we do). So, when the hardbacks sell-through they are, more or less, unavailable save for silly prices online.
Anne is busy fulfilling existing orders each day and they're shipping twice weekly from down here in Devon. Most customers, as with all four previous Ritual Limited titles, should get their book before pub' date.
So if you want a copy while they're in stock, head over to my website. (all copies are either signed or personalized and come with one of two bookmark designs).
This is the only edition we fulfil and we ship worldwide. The paperback, ebook and audio books will be available on the 25th of October through the regular channels, worldwide - the eBook can also be pre-ordered at Amazon.
A signed paperback will be available once the hardbacks are out of stock. This is how we've operated since 2016 and it seems to work well.
A big two-horned salute to all who embrace the curse of the Cunning Folk!

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  • Congrats on everything! I’ve truly enjoyed everything I’ve read so far. Just bought signed copies of a few for my son, but I see all signed copies of ‘Cunning Folk’ are sold.😔I know he’s gonna love your work! I haven’t seen any movie adaptations yet, but hopefully I can correct that in the near future.👌🏽😊N. Alyssa Veysey

    N. A. Veysey

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