Saluting all you reviewers for your fabulous Cunning Folk displays and reviews. I massively appreciate them and it's always a thrill to read your thoughts on my new books. As a writer who exists by word-of-mouth amongst readers of horror, I can't put a price on this interest and support.

And from out there on the web, here is a selection of reviews for the new novel that have been very satisfying to read. I do something new with each book so never really know how they're going to be received:

“Cunning Folk” gets under the skin from the first page, the story infused with mordant humour and grotesquely apt images of confinement, frustration and otherworldly power." Toronto Star.

"pure dread and 100% folklore horror that takes the simple act of a family buying a house and quickly flips every bit of happiness and sunshine on its head." Kendall Reviews.

"In all, this is a great fast-paced horror read that is perfect for longtime fans of Adam Nevill but also a great introduction to the type of book he usually writes. This gets a solid five out of five from me." Horror Bound

"this latest entry will have you looking over the garden fence with fresh (and suspicious) eyes just in case your neighbours might be ‘Cunning Folk’." Gingernuts of Horror.

"This is becoming quite the tradition. Hard to believe, I know, but this is the fifth year in a row I’ve reviewed Adam Nevill’s latest at this time of year. What can I say? If he is going to continue to write some of my favourite horror fiction I am going to continue to review it." The Elegant Page.

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  • Cunning Folk is a brilliant masterpiece. I rank it among my top favorite horror novels I’ve read in my lifetime – and I’ve read many. It is just stunning and I loved every word – the descriptions were lyrical and poetic and shivery and wonderful. I am next going to read your short story collection “Some Will Not Sleep,” as I love your writing style. I sincerely hope that Cunning Folk, as hinted at in your afterword, may be made into a movie at some point – it was an intense and unforgettable experience. Yes it might have limited market appeal, but I’m already figuratively standing in line for it. Also I left a five-star review for the book on “Goodreads.” Congrats and thanks for creating this exceptionally well made novel.

    Rob Showell

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