The sun has risen upon the escape of Cunning Folk into the world. My tenth horror novel. October 25th, for Halloween.
Work on the story extended past two years, publishing four formats added the best part of a third year. So, today, I lean upon my scythe and sigh, weary but satisfied that this curious crop has reached maturity ... I wait and hope for the horror folk to harvest it.
The eBook is up and dancing a jig on Amazon worldwide and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.
The paperback should now be available on wicker shelves, widely online and elsewhere.
The audio book is finished but I'm waiting on its verification at around 40 sites. So a few weeks wait on the oral retelling of an infernal tale of the accursed.
Almost all of the limited edition grimoires (hardbacks) have flown - we have fewer than 10 copies remaining on publication day.
A massive thanks to Anne for packing and shipping them and circumnavigating the horrors that Brexit threw before us. Impossible as it may seem, at one point this summer, we didn't believe we'd be able to send books to Europe. Europe! But she found a way.
Early notices for the 'Folk have been positive:
"a great fast-paced horror read that is perfect for longtime fans of Adam Nevill but also a great introduction to the type of book he usually writes. This gets a solid five out of five from me." Horror Bound
"The final chapters still had my eyes nailed to the page for the knockout ending which I loved right to the final paragraph" Tony Jones, Gingernuts of Horror.
And on Instagram, the bookstagrammers have lit pyres to welcome its birth, as opposed to furnaces to incinerate it alive.
Over to you and my thanks to each and every soul that embraces Cunning Folk.

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