Greetings from beneath the red sky, my Fiends. The bells are ringing the changes on civilisation. Man's stewardship of the earth is being brought to an end by the Horrors! You can't see them, though they have a weird smell and if you listen hard, you may hear them. When the light changes, you will see vestiges of them. Then, even more of what crawls the earth can be detected. If you're still breathing at that point, then something even bigger and more horrifying is imminent.


Or, at least, this all happens in my new novel.


ALL THE FIENDS OF HELL lands today. The advance reconnaissance preceding the invasion, took the form of a limited edition hardback. 600 marines, now sold out. The infantry follows today, in successive waves of editions. Trade paperback, audio book and eBook officially put boots on the ground today in online stores, some high street retailers and libraries.


A little more about the book:


The red night of bells heralds global catastrophe. Annihilation on a biblical scale.

Seeing the morning is no blessing. The handful of scattered survivors are confronted by blood-red skies and an infestation of predatory horrors that never originated on earth. An occupying force intent on erasing the remnants of animal life from the planet.

Across the deserted landscapes of England, bereft of infrastructure and society, the overlooked can either hide or try to outrun the infernal hunting terrors. Until a rumour emerges claiming that the sea may offer an escape.

Ordinary, unexceptional, directionless Karl, is one of the few who made it through the first night. In the company of two orphans, he flees south. But only into horrifying revelations and greater peril, where a transformed world and expanding race of ravening creatures await. Driven to the end of the country and himself, he must overcome alien and human malevolence and act in ways that were unthinkable mere days before.

A novel of alien horror from the author of Cunning Folk, The Reddening, The Ritual, No One Gets Out Alive and the four times winner of the August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel.

ALL THE FIENDS OF HELL will be available in four formats - a limited edition hardback (exclusively from, trade paperback, eBook and audiobook. PUBLICATION DATE: APRIL 2ND, 2024.

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