A story I first attempted in 2018, tried in four mediums, and eventually completed in May 2023. A long gestation. More of an alien parasite than a chest burster. But, at last, it walks among us.
The early responses from readers are most welcome and hugely appreciated. So, on publication day, and as publicity director of Ritual Limited, I'm going to share a selection of reactions from some generous Bookstagrammers on Instagram:

"Readers who love aliens, apocalyptic narratives, existential dread, and cosmic horror will devour this book" @the_wandering_reader

"a terrifying and relentless journey to survive the alien horrors that have descended on the night of bells." @castanedawrites Castenada

"I was completely absorbed into this nightmarish hellscape of alien terror, a truly terrifying read, I think this may be my favourite Nevill so far!" @thevampireslibrary

"the perfect combination of all of my favorite alien stories, creating a fresh new take on the genre and solidifying itself as one of the scariest to be penned." @adamsfall

As far as alien invasion stories go, All the Fiends of Hell must be one of the most unique, and terrifying - @robs_horror_room

"this story took over my life for three days. I felt invested in these characters and their world from the very first page to the last" - @belladonnabooks Books

"I became emotionally attached in a way I seldom do in horror novels and this made it all the more heartbreaking and unsettling." @evelovesbooks_travel_art

"Rarely since Cormac Mccarthy’s The Road have I been soaked through so thoroughly with impending doom" @book_guy_si

"Think total immersive apocalyptic horror experience in a book." @ladyvampmanor

"His writing pulled me deep within the story and at times I felt overwhelmed by the horror, despair and hopelessness of a world invaded by a species hellbent on complete annihilation of the human race." @oneconstantreader

"Scary & demented as hell but I honestly had one night I woke up in tears after I finished." @brokenbinding13

A novel of alien horror from the author of Cunning Folk, The Reddening, The Ritual, No One Gets Out Alive.

My thanks to all readers who call down the Fiends!

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