The limited edition hardback edition of All the Fiends of Hell sold out a couple of weeks back, and some early readers have already posted reviews. Mercifully, they're kind, so I hope the first reactions augur well ahead of the publication invasion, April 2nd.

A huge thank you and two horned salute to all who have read and reviewed the book. It's genuinely much appreciated.

[Follow the links for the full reviews].

'Highly recommended and a magnificent change of pace from one of the Britain’s finest horror writers' - Tony Jones, Gingernuts of Horror

 'Can't recommend it enough, especially if you love apocalyptic fiction' - Happy Goat Horror

'The book itself is an excellent and exciting read, and the devastated world Nevill presents is incredibly rich ... There’s not a weak link among the characters, and the monsters of this story are some of the most interesting I’ve encountered in recent fiction. All the Fiends of Hell is a strong entry in Nevill’s catalog, and an ideal entry point for new readers.' Vogue Horror

''All the Fiends of Hell' by Adam Nevill is one of the bleakest books you'll ever read. A red sky approaches. Glass breaks. The horrors descend. And all you can think is, when will we die? Masterful.' Steve Stred.

'As far as alien invasion stories go, All the Fiends of Hell must be one of the most unique, and terrifying works ever committed to paper' - Rob's Horror Room - Instagram

'I am not exaggerating when I say this story took over my life for three days. I felt invested in these characters and their world from the very first page to the last' - Belladonna Books - Instagram

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