I recently finished a few ongoing TV series (Mr Mercedes 3, The Boys 2 & now watching The Stand as the episodes drop) but have turned most of my eyes back to horror films. So, here are a few lockdown & deep freeze recommendations. They come in no particular order of preference. Watch ’em all when you can:

Saint Maud – A grim, grey accumulation of madness and dread. Really good with a super ending. Been waiting to see this film for ages and it didn’t disappoint. A Blu-ray keeper for my library. (Sky Box Office)

Impetigore – atmospheric and ghastly folk-horror from Indonesia (from Joko Anwar who directed Satan’s Slaves, that reminded me of the Evil Dead; his horror films are looking to be must sees as and when he conjures them). (Shudder)

Anything for Jackson – comic but chilling occult horror. Not seen this level of infernal chaos since Hereditary. (Shudder)

The Wolf of Snow Hollow – really liked this quirky horror that has echoes of Fargo, Twin Peakes & John Landis. Humorous and entertaining. Ben Lovett soundtrack a bonus (Ben composed The Ritual score). (Amazon Prime)

La Llorona – not sure I’ve ever seen a film from Guatemala before, but I found this tale of genocide and shame eerie, sad and poignant. (Shudder)

Host – enjoyed the hell out of this and even experienced a few prickles along my scalp. Along with Unfriended & Unfriended Dark Web that I’ve really enjoyed, this seems to be a new subgenre (Zoom horror?) that has to be innovative to overcome the immense restrictions of the settings. And Host is now my favourite of the three. (Shudder)

The Mortuary Collection – Really well made (beautiful vivid colours & cinematography) and highly entertaining. Also grimly funny. (Shudder)

[Disclaimer, the management reserves the right to like films others dislike and . . . you know the rest . . .).

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