I've had another hectic year professionally that has seen us publish a new novel - The Vessel - in four formats worldwide, and which gave us our fastest selling limited edition hardback (the only edition we fulfill from down here in Devon). The 600 book print-run sold through in under four weeks. And the other three editions thrive (ebook exclusive to KDP/Amazon, paperback distributed widely, and audio book at Audible), so thank you for your interest and patronage, and for boosting the book's signal and for sharing your thoughts. Readers, you are my engine.

Beyond The Vessel, I have worked across a slate of numerous film developments (adaptations of my books and original screenplays), managed the webstore and all of your orders (thank you!) with my wife (who also administers our business, Ritual Limited). On the writing front, I managed two new drafts of a novel in progress. I'll be rewriting this book well into 2023 but we hope for a Halloween 2023 publication. This novel has endured a long and complicated gestation that begin in January 2018 ... But, I'm getting closer to the finish line, albeit on my knees, but I am getting closer ...

Meanwhile, despite my labours, I have recharged myself with a great deal of sea kayaking and three trips abroad, one for work, two with family. I have nourished my mind with many good books, films and some exceptional television drama too. So, this is the time and space in which I share my enthusiasms from 2022; those creations that resonated with me and were to my taste. There's more detail in my newsletter and if you want to receive the Newsletter for the Damned, once per month, just sign up at my website www.adamlgnevill.com and pick up a free book too.

In no order of preference (in any of the selections that follow), the most notable  fiction titles from my reading in 2022, were:

The Country Will Bring Us No Peace - Matthieu Simard
Those Across the River - Christopher Buehlman
Come With Me - Ronald Malfi
Breakout at Stalingrad - Heinrich Gerlach
The Twilight World - Werner Herzog
Just After Sunset - Stephen King
Billy Summers - Stephen King
Red Cavalry and Other Stories - Isaac Babel
Stalingrad - Theodor Plevier
Things We Lost in the Fire - Mariana Enriquez
The Dangers of Smoking in Bed - Mariana Enriquez
A Different Darkness - Luigi Mussolino
Swedish Cults - Anders Fagan
A Black Maybe - Attila Veres

This year my most notable rereads were:

At The Mountains of Madness Vol 1 & 2 - H.P. Lovecraft and Francois Baranger (artist)
The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft and Francois Baranger (artist)
The War of the Worlds - H. G. Wells (lost count of how many times I have reread this, but in each of the last two years I have revisited the novel).
The Road - Cormac McCarthy (same as the Wells on rereads).

In non-fiction:

Russia - Antony Beevor
The Great Terror - Robert Conquest
Alien Covenant: David's Drawings - Hatton/Hallett
The Art and Making of Alien Covenant - Simon Ward
Prometheus - The Art of the Film - Mark Salisbury


My pics for TV in 2022 were: Raised by Wolves - Series 2; Station Eleven; Mr In Between; The Staircase; From; Slow Horses Series 1; Rogue Heroes; Cabinet of Curiosities; Ratched; House of the Dragon; The English; Patriot Series 1&2.

Film - Horror:

Another great year for me and horror films and my shortlist of keepers is: Hellbender; The Northman; The Innocents; X; Nope; Lamb; Incantation; Barbarian; Hellraiser (2022); Speak No Evil; The Lodge; Bull; Prey; Smile.

I'll be keeping up the blog through 2022 and if you can stand anymore of me, there is my newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, I wish you all good health and good fortune in the new year. Despite the horrors of the bigger picture that affect us all, I hope that you can find hope and purpose in 23. Keep those horns raised!

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