"Every single one of his books that I have read has scared me to the point of actually being scared. Does that make sense?" Sadie "Mother Horror" Hartmann.

It does to me and I'm flattered to have connected to such a knowledgeable reader so strongly, and to have been included in this impressive encyclopaedia of contemporary horror fiction. Among a myriad books and authors, there's a feature on my hideous contribution to the genre.

My copy of 101 HORROR BOOKS TO READ BEFORE YOU'RE MURDERED finally arrived amidst the chaos of moving house and business premises. But a most welcome addition to my horror library this is. A well curated desk-guide to modern horror fiction, written and ingeniously structured and indexed by Sadie "Mother Horror" Hartmann. It's also sumptuously and beautifully designed by Rosie Stewart and illustrated by Marco Fontanili. Well done Page Street Publishing.

I've read roughly half of the books featured in 101' but plan to read the other half over the next couple of years. With so many books being published, it can be bewildering and hard to keep track of those that appeal, and hard to process what's going on in the field of horror, what's emerging, or coming back, or new, or essential. So, I love well thought out compendiums from those with the requisite knowledge, reading and expertise in a subject. Or, someone who can be trusted.

Essential reading for those keen on contemporary horror.

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